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We offer innovative development of radio communication systems and means
for various purposes

Radio equipment of jam-resistant control
for robotic  complexes

They provide a noise-resistant duplex channel for the exchange of control commands and confirmation receipts between the control point and the robotic complex.

The detection and interception of radio signals for controlling the robotic complex are significantly impeded.

It is possible to combine radio modems into a MESH network.

High-speed jam-resistant channel
of data transmission

Provides a high-speed anti-jamming radio communication and video transmission channel between the control center and robotic systems for various purposes, including UAVs, in conditions of intentional and unintentional interference, as well as in multipath conditions.

Supplemented by the ability to relay signals in urban areas and uneven terrain.

Trunking system of mobile subscribers
based on the jam-resistant communication
channel links

Trunking system of mobile subscribers
with compressed data transmission
based on the jam-resistant communication channel links
provides work in conditions of exposure to
electromagnetic fields of natural and artificial origin,
as well as the effects of intentional and natural interference.

Complex of facilities
for high-speed wireless data transmission
with retransmission

A set of high-speed communication equipment is designed
for use in urban areas, uneven terrain, mines,
zones of controlled access to nuclear power plants.

Provides reliable control and transmission of video information between the robot and the remote control point in conditions of interference that exceed the signal level, as well as multipath conditions caused by signal reflections..

Management system for robotic complex
with the use of artificial intellect
and virtual reality

Management system for robotic complex
with the use of artificial intellect and virtual reality technologies
for harsh and dangerous operating conditions
based on high-speed control channels, video and telemetry information transmission.

Electronic seal
with built-in video camera

A Innovative technologies of "electronic seals" for remote control of objects and cargo in the locations and the route.

A comprehensive analysis of the situation is carried out using the built-in video system, location sensor and its changes, test signals to control the integrity of the seal, sensors for temperature, humidity, etc.

The camcorder is in continuous dubbing mode.

In case of changes and violations, an SMS message is immediately sent, the coordinates and time of the incident are indicated, a photograph is taken of the offender, recorded in the memory and sent by MMS to the cargo owner responsible for safety and / or to the departmental network..

Seismic radio complex-UAV

Development of hardware and technical complex
for the exploration seismology with the use of
data acquisition and their transfer employing
radio communication equipment and
unmanned flying vehicles.


A comprehensive system project for the seamless integration of all information and control systems into a single complex and covers the production system as a whole.

The proposed project solves the problem of integrating enterprise management and technological processes, accounting for the movement of ore, traffic, positioning, improving the efficiency and safety of mining operations.

The introduction of an integrated system will allow enterprises to increase labor productivity, reduce costs, and also increase the level of security.


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