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We offer innovative development of systems and means
of radio communication, special purpose:

The system of the inner network
based ultra-wideband signals

for the organization of the internal communication and micro-regional high-speed data networks.
Especially effective at facilities with a complex structure and partitions of premises, opaque to traditional wireless technologies.
High penetration of ultra-wideband signals allows also to solve tasks of high-precision location through mechanical obstacles in emergency situations, and the operational environment.

The system noise-immune radio
protected from exploration

for the secretive and reliable transmission of speech and combat control commands.
Provide the ability to surreptitiously radio close to the enemy, the impossibility for the enemy definition of operational training and effective jamming signals command, control and communications.

Azimuth and navigation system

to accurately determine the direction of the beam and the stabilization of the diagrams of the adaptive digital antenna systems, regardless of changes in the position of the mobile object.
Has a new navigation module with greater noise immunity than the existing satellite navigation systems.
To determine the change in the angles is used laser gyroscope, to determine the roll and pitch angles - fiber-optic accelerometer.
Provides conversion of the geographical coordinates to the geodesic

Prospective HF-band radios

to provide efficient communication in remote areas.
Automatic entry into communication, adaptation speed/frequency/type of signal, mode voice mail.
When the power of the subscriber station 10 W reliability of the transmission on the route Moscow-Vladivostok - 0,997 (confirmed by test reports).
Subscriber HF radio has the radius of action up to 10 000 km Constructive antenna devices allows you to put them on jeep cars.

Adaptive digital phased array antennas

Innovative technology antenna-hardware complexes on the basis of adaptive digital phased arrays decimeter range.
In antenna complexes uses electronic control of the radiation pattern of antenna array, part of the Azimuth and navigation system to track the location of the antenna system and its orientation in all planes.
Provides reliable communication with mobile objects at the expense of automatic program of rebuilding and stabilization of the radio channel.
Gives the opportunity to build networks on the basis of radio-relay stations located at the mobile objects.

The complex of mobile communication

for redundant communication channels through public networks, in peacetime, for the solution of non-combat tasks.
Supports the standards GSM, GPRS, UMTS and LTE.
Simultaneous organization of 3 radio channels with different operators.
Interfaces with the equipment of special purpose.

Radio station on SDR technology

multi-system, multi-band, reprogrammable, with a guaranteed future,
for radio-work simultaneously in several systems, with different ranges and types of modulation.
Provides voice transmission (jointly with voice coder) and data at speeds from 1,2 up to 512 kbit/sec
Possibility of application in the advanced systems of communication by reprogramming.



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