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Brief information about Vega institute

Joint stock company "Voronezh scientific- research Institute "VEGA" (JSC "VSRI "VEGA") is a modern enterprise with powerful scientific and technical, industrial and personnel potential, possessing a developed infrastructure and a full scientific and production cycle.

Established by the Resolution of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the CM of the USSR from August 25, 1956 1195-613 about creation of the Special Design Bureau, the plant "Elektrosignal" for execution of works on development and introduction of radio communication systems for special purposes.

Has rich experience in development, manufacture, putting into service and maintenance of the systems, software-hardware complexes and means of mobile radio special and professional purposes in the interests of various ministries and departments of the Russian Federation.

Equipped with modern technological and testing equipment for research and development at the highest technical level, has an effective its own pilot production and the necessary testing equipment, possesses a complete set of all necessary certificates and licenses to conduct business.

Quality management system is certified in enterprise certification authority "SoiuzSert" on conformity to GOST ISO 9001-2015.

The production capacity of the enterprise for the last 5 years has increased in 3.8 times, output per working - 4.1 times, the average salary increased 2.6 times.

VSRI "VEGA" is repeated winner of the contests "The Best Industrial Enterprise of the Voronezh Region".


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